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Ventry Fan Model 20GX160

with LED Top Safety Light

and Medium Flat-Free Wheels & Skids

Sizes and Accessories

There are six Ventry PPV fans to choose from, including two different sizes (20-inch and 24-inch) and various accessories.

Ventry® PPV Fans
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Ventry PPV Fans are often chosen time and time again because of their all-terrain legs, high CFM, low weight, and small size. These unique features, among numerous other benefits, make them excellent for firefighting, brush burning, stump burning, and hot air balloon inflation.

Free-Flow Guards

All Ventry Fans have heavily reinforced, fail-safe, free-flowing guards instead of solid shrouds because they increase CFM while decreasing noise.

In order to push a lot of air, a propeller has to have a lot of air reach it. Supplying more air to the propeller simply results in more air pushed by the propeller. Efficient propellers on Ventry Fans pull air from beside and behind, before pushing it out the front. Solid shrouds would block a lot of the air reaching the propeller and essentially starving it of air and dramatically increasing the noise. Watch this being demonstrated in a short video here.

Download one of Ventry's flyers for more information about these excellent ventilation fans. 

Contact QCDIP Fire for additional information on these fans. Be sure to ask if any demo units are available at a reduced rate! 

All-Terrain Legs

  • All Ventry Fans include three independently adjustable, outward curving legs, which gives the fan all-terrain capabilities.
  • Legs stand solid on uneven terrain like hills, stairs, snow, mud, landscaping, etc.
  • Legs lock and adjust independently, with the simple turn of a knob, to allow for fast and accurate aiming and infinite tilting angles.
  • Extending the legs at least six inches prevents the fan from sucking up and plugging or ejecting debris into the air stream.
  • Legs retract for easy transport and storage.
  • Legs are made of solid aircraft-grade aluminum; they are engineered for strength, not bulk.
  • Legs are easy to use. Watch how a 9-month pregnant woman easily extends and retracts the legs.
Ventry Propellers

Ventry Fans have dual-blade propellers that are engineered specifically for each fan motor. This efficiency creates high CFM while reducing noise and carbon monoxide (CO).

Ventry propellers are safe. The unique Kevlar-fiberglass-wood composition of Ventry propellers make them durable and accepting of a tremendous amount of use and abuse. They are also designed for controlled disintegration, when safety warrants, without the release of high energy projectiles.

To demonstrate this crucial point, Ventry Soutions, Inc., the manufacture of Ventry Fans, made a video of their CEO & Mechanical Engineer (whom designed the fans and their propellers) standing in the debris path while a Ventry Fan is impaled with a pike pole, while running at full RPM. Click here to watch the video.

The advanced curvature of the prop - forward sweeping tips - makes for a tighter, more uniform air cone. This high-quality, consistent air cone helps with aiming and allows the fan to be placed farther away from the target. The narrow air cone pushes air directly at the target, instead of around in a wide circle.Type your paragraph here.