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New Product! Inflatable and Frame-Style Temporary Shelters/Structures


  • Designed to meet and exceed CDC requirement of 12 ACH/HR air exchanges per hour and 0.01 inches of water column of negative pressure when used with appropriate air filtration products.
  • Uses include: tactical, command, field hospital, medical surge capacity, isolation, crime scene privacy shelter, portable morgue, temporary housing, and athletic training/cool-down.
  • Multiple sizes available, from 50 sq. ft. to 1850 sq. ft.
  • All Isolation Shelters over 10-feet wide are supplied with dual chambers, while shelters 900+ sq. ft. shelters have 3 air chambers.
  • Canopy is UV/chamical resistant and fire retardant.
  • Quick and simple to set up within 1-10 minutes (depending on size and inflation method).
  • Floors and canopies attached, but can be easily removed for cleaning/repair.
  • Stable even in high wind conditions up to 70 mph or higher when properly tied down/staked off.
  • Options include:
    • Cross and center divider sections offered for privacy;
    • Added windows and skylights;
    • Side man doors;
    • Added HVAC/Electrical ducts; and
    • Gusseted inter-connectivity of shelters end-to-end or side-to-side.