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Chris Marley, Owner 

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This new technology allows Spencer Manufacturing to utilize all available space to make sure the customer gets the most out of their customer-designed bodies and pump houses. The real-life models allow customers to see any part of their apparatus, giving them the improved ability to layout every square foot of their trucks. It is vital for the success of any project to provide customers the ability to visualize the end product, and ensure they receive the apparatus they envisioned. 

Spencer trucks are built with pride and their quality has been proven over decades.  A lifetime warranty comes with the purchase of a superstructure and body too. 

Spencer Trucks‚Äč

QDCIP Fire is a licensed dealer of Spencer Fire Trucks. Offering a wide variety of fire trucks, Spencer Manufacturing provides world-class firefighting technology on a level of customization that is unmatched in the industry.

With the recent addition of 3D technology for state of the art precision in design and construction, Spencer continues to be one of the most respected small manufacturers in the industry today.

Their fabricators and assemblers have decades worth of experience in the industry, and every truck is built top to bottom with pride, precision and integrity.