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New Product! ISO CHAMBER - Patient Isolation

The ISO-CHAMBER safely transports victims from a radiological, biological, or chemical incident to a more advanced medical treatment facility. A contaminated patient can be quickly placed into the chamber and moved without fear on contamination to the surrounding environment, keeping transport vehicles and treatment areas free of contamination. There are twelve 4-inch wide re-sealable access ports that allow the passage of oxygen and intravenous tubes from outside the chamber to the patient. Gloves can be attached to all ports; IV or punture membranes are also available.

  • Constructed from a clear, heavy FR vinyl material, allowing full visual access to the patient.
  • Zipper allows the chamber to be fully opened from head to foot.
  • Seven plastic arches along the length support the vinyl above the patient.
  • A 2-inch wide belt system with four hand grips on each side enable the patient to be lifted while in the chamber and allows the chamber to be securely fastened to a stretcher or bed.
  • Uses a standard 40mm NATO filter.
  • Includes a D cell battery powered PAPR and red carry case.
  • Completely reusable.
  • Patient can sit up while inside.