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All-Terrain Legs

All Lentry Lights include three independently adjustable, outward curving legs, which give Lentry Lights their all-terrain capability.

  • Legs stand solid on uneven terrain, such as hills, stairs, snow, mud, landscaping, etc.
  • Legs lock and adjust independently, with the simple turn of a knob.
  • Legs let you put the unit where you need it: side of a hill, under a bridge, in a ditch, side of a road...
  • Legs raise the generator and keep it level (which the generator requires for operation).
  • Legs retract for storage and protect the generator like a roll cage.
Key Features
  • Consists of a 1000- or 2200-watt generator.
  • Self contained; no cords to trip over; no batteries to charge.
  • Long run times (nearly 9 hours on some models) before adding more fuel.
  • One person deployment; set-up and break-down in seconds. Watch a Lentry System being set-up in just over 30 seconds.
  • Made in the USA

Each model shown at right consists of a 2200W generator, single V-Spec LED, and a Standard height pole, XT height pole, and Hi-Lite pole, respectively.

Lentry Portable Lighting Systems are bright, mobile, self-contained telescopic units that light large areas for hours at a time, regardless of the terrain. These light towers provide light, temporary or long-term, and power to those who work outside at night, including those in emergency response, law enforcement, public works, utilities, construction, rail...

Different Heights Available

Lentry Light Towers are available in three differnent heights: standard, XT, and Hi-Lite.
With legs and poles fully extended...

  • Standard height models stand 3.5- to 4-feet tall.
  • XT (eXtra Tall) models stand 8.5- to 9-feet tall. XT height models are between 5- to 6-feet tall with the legs extended, but the pole retracted.
  • Hi-Lite height models stand up to 13-feet tall.
Lentry® Lighting Systems

Many models

to choose from. Models

1SPECS and 2STARXX shown.

Telescoping Lights

All Lentry Light models feature one of five different light heads, all of them exceptionally bright, robust, efficient, and proven to meet the needs of industrial clients with applications in demanding fields like military, emergency, transportation, utilities, public works, and disaster preparedness.

  • Both Halogen and LED lights offered
    • Lentry LED Lights
      • 20,000 - 28,000 lumens per light head.
      • Use very little wattage, allowing the generator to run extra tools.
      • Instant-on / Instant-off; no cool down time needed
      • Flood and spot lights in one
    • Lentry Halogen Lights
      • Provide a softer and warmer light compared to LEDs.
      • 19,500 lumens per light head
      • Affordable, reliable, and boast output compared to higher-wattage metal halides.
  • Lentry Light Heads can rotate all the way around and bend far forward and back.
  • All lights operate atop telescoping poles, which raise them up and down to a variety of heights (crucial for large scene and distance lighting).
  • Lentry Light Heads may be separated from the poles within seconds for storage with the simple turn of a knob.
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